What is Lucky Foo’s?

Almost one year ago (November 2014) Lucky Foo’s opened its doors in the suburbs of Vegas to critical acclaim. It featured a unique cuisine fusing American style with heavy asian influences. The menu was very large in scope ranging from dim sum to ramen, sushi, burgers, tacos, and more . . . Very ambitious to say the least. The venue was built out with care featuring dark wood walls adorned with chinese influenced lattice work, cork covering gold foil wallpaper, large scale Kimmi Dolls that only we possess in all of Vegas, extensive art installations done by local artists, a lavish patio connected to an indoor/outdoor sushi bar, a casino caliber audio/video rig able to be used for any size event, and various sized rooms with different themes making it a place that can be visited time and time again without getting bored.

It was and still is unique.

Get familiar with us and fall in love like many already have . . .  What is Lucky Foo’s?

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