Seven Days in the Life of Foo

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Seven Days in the Life of Foo . . .

LUCKY FOO’S SAY: Time and space is a funny thing, we all have to decide on what to do and where to stand in our life. The very idea of having choices is a blessing for all of us. The more choices or options you have, the more you should feel blessed right? What happens when you have so many options you can not decide what to do and where to go? We at Lucky Foo’s want to simplify your life. CHOOSE FOO’S AND ENJOY HAPPINESS.

We at Foo’s chose to be different. We offer up a 100% scratch kitchen where we deliver a product uncompromised by conventionalism, but easily accepted for mass consumption. We take more time to make our sushi and put less sauce on it because it looks and tastes better that way. We make our drinks with intent and only use the freshest ingredients because that is the right way to do it. . . And now we choose to throw Seven Days of events in a row.

Call us crazy if you like, but we won’t apologize for being who we are and wanting to provide the best to our guests.

Over this past year we have learned more about what our community wants and we continue to strive to not only be the best in class but to also fill that gap missing in our comunity . . .

Our mission is to provide:

  • Healthy, qualitative food without compromise.
  • Cocktails made with intent.
  • A clean, nicely designed, and yet still approachable space able to be utilized for private events, birthday parties, or simply put the go to spot to hang with friends and family.
  • Value to our customers that is fair and reasonable.
  • World class service with a down to earth personality.
  • Your neighborhood bar & grill.

Get familiar with us and fall in love like many already have . . .


To check out the full newsletter, click this link . . .

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