Lunch & Dinner Menu

Available Monday-Saturday 11:30am-Close, Sunday 3pm-Close


Charred Edamame

sweet chili sauce & housemade tare

signaturevegan optional


5 Japanese shrimp battered balls, deep fried, ginger & bonito flakes

Stellar Chips

wonton chips with pickled ginger, salt. Served with scallion ranch.
UPGRADE TO NACHOS - spicy tuna, avocado crema, sriracha, & pico de gallo, served with smoked chili aioli.

signaturevegan optional

Foo Dogs

3 kurobuta sausage dogs wrapped in a potato chip with Foo Sauce, karashi mustard

gluten free optional

Charred Shishito Peppers

charred & raw with creamy kosho aioli

gluten free optionalvegan optional

Chicken Wings

6 wings with tangy korean buffalo sauce & scallion ranch


Pork Belly Ramen

classic ramen broth, braised pork belly, egg, & bamboo shoots, garnished with shredded nori, shaved & charred scallions

Short Rib Ramen

classic ramen broth, slow braised short rib, egg, & bamboo shoots, garnished with shredded nori, shaved & charred scallions


Spicy Miso Ramen

red miso, egg, shitake, carrots, tofu, bamboo shoots, & charred cabbage, garnished with carrot, diakon, & scallions



ramen noodles stir fried with fresh seasonal vegetables
add chicken, salmon, kurobuta sausage, or shrimp



Sashimi Salad

greens, daikon, tuna, & creamy ponzu, topped with lucky yuzu

Harper's Kale Salad

asian pears, blue cheese, & candied walnuts with grilled shallot maple vinaigrette

vegan optional

Thai Beef Salad

grilled hanger steak cubes, watercress, papaya, cucumber, cilantro, mango, basil, mint & grapefruit, dressed with awesome sauce

Cucumber & Seaweed Salad

with crab, sesame seeds, carrot, daikon, & carrot ginger vinaigrette

gluten free optionalvegan optional

From The Robata Grill

three taditional Japanese yakitori skewers on binchotan charcoal at 1000 degrees

Chicken & Scallion, Pork Belly, Shrimp & Jalapeño, or Beef & Onion

Signature Dishes

Forbidden Black Rice

red onion jam, kobacha squash, avocado, haricot vert, & cotija cheese, garnished with pickled red cabbage, pickled squash, seabeans, cilantro, mint, & thai basil

healthysignaturevegan optional

Lucky Rice

kimchee, fried egg with crispy bacon
GO BIG! Add chicken, pork belly, or short rib

vegan optional

Cedar Plank Roasted Salmon

black rice, kale, & scallion stir fry, garnished with pickled red cabbage, pickled squash, & seabeans

gluten free optional

Hanger Steak

robata grilled filet with housecut fries, served with chimichurri, yuzu sour cream, & tangy housemade ketchup

gluten free optional


Salmon or Hamachi

served with thai salad including watercress, papaya, cucumber, cilantro, mango, mint, grapefruit, & awesome sauce
(limited quantities available - 15 minutes minimum)

gluten free optionalsignature


Assorted Mochi

ask server for flavors

Giant Fortune Cookie

with coconut chocolate dipping sauce

The Funkler

a warm semi-sweet chocolate chip blondie with vanilla bean ice cream paired with a side of warm homemade coconut chocolate sauce for dunking



The One & Only Foo Burger

USDA Choice house ground brisket & chuck with red onion bacon jam, house pickles, lettuce, tomato, & kosho aioli. Served with housecut fries & tangy housemade ketchup.


The Best Chicken Sandwich

Panko crusted chicken with smoked chili aioli, onion sprouts, housemade pickles, lettuce, tomato, & housecut fries with bulldog sauce

Make Your Own

USDA Choice Beef - includes lettuce, tomato, & bun
Panko Crusted Chicken - includes lettuce, tomato, & bun

EXTRA TOPPINGS (varied additional cost)
pork belly, short rib, avocado, Maytag Blue Cheese, jalapeño bacon, fried egg, radish sprouts, jack cheese, grilled onions, fried onions, kimchee, house pickles, pickled cabbage

scallion ranch, hot mustard, kosho aioli, honey chipotle aioli, bulldog sauce, foo secret sauce



brussels & cilantro sauteed in sweet chili, sherry vinegar, & tare, garnished with crispy brussels

vegan optional

House Cut Fries

with tangy housemade ketchup

gluten free optionalvegan optional

Miso Soup

tofu & green scallion

vegan optional

Grilled Kurobuta Sausage

White Rice

Sushi Rice

Forbidden Black Rice


Fiji Still Water

Small or Large


sparkling water


coke, diet coke, sprite, dr. pepper, ginger ale, lemonade

Shangri-La Iced Tea

unsweetened tropical passion

Assorted Premium Hot Teas

highest quality loose leaf served in an extra large french press

organic sencha green, Marrakesh mint, chrysanthemum pu-erh, Scottish carmel pu-erh, long island strawberry green


Buscaglione Espresso

single or double