It’s Time to Celebrate

If there is one thing that we do really well here in Las Vegas, it is celebrating. The people of Las Vegas know how to have a good time. Las Vegas offers many different places where you can celebrate,but yet many of them seem typical, ordinary or lacks originality. If you live in Las Vegas, then you most likely prefer to stay off the strip as there is always congestion, a feeling of just being another number or tourist, and the restaurants can be overpriced. So, you may want to consider celebrating off the strip in a ultra-friendly locally owned neighborhood location.


Where to Go?

If you are looking for somewhere to go where you can celebrate any occasion with friends and family, then Lucky Foo’s is the place for you. At Lucy Foo’s we are a Las Vegas social dining lounge that will provide you with a distinctive dining experience.


Off the Strip Experience

When you want to have a good time, the best places can be found off the strip. You are sure to have a spectacular experience with Lucky Foo’s. At Lucky Foo’s we offer exemplary service, qualitative food, and a superb atmosphere. Each room here is different, and is designed with a specific idea in mind. You are sure to feel lucky when you come to Lucky Foo’s.


Holiday Experience

As you begin to celebrate the holidays, you may be looking for somewhere unique to go for live acts, DJs, all AV hookups for all media. Lucky Foo’s is the place for you. Our dining room can seat up to 200 people. We offer: 18 HD LED flat screens, independent functionality in each room, private or shared dining spaces in various rooms, a traditional Tatami room, a full or customized menu, full-service bar, and controlled lighting.


Come See Us

Let us help you with your celebration. Come join us for a great time and great food. Call us today at 702-650-0669 or email to make your reservations.

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